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My critical critique  of Barack Obama
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My critical critique of Barack Obama

It's the year end, and, Barack Obama took to American airwaves last night via a press conference to talk about his own year and what he plans to do for the remainder of his time in office.  Meanwhile, I took the liberty, of summing up my own critical critique of Obama's time in office as President of the United States. First: Obamacare As a dual national, I've been receiving healthcare alerts for largely the past month or so (give or take).  Eventually, I decided to attempt to sign up on the healthcare marketplace, however, to no avail -- because I am "not fat" a "smoker" or not in dire of need of medical attention or a "life tragedy" I do not qualify for health insurance under Obama's terms. This program apparently "has signed up millions" and is the best thing to happen to Ameri...
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