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O.J Simpson to sue Vegas Casino for $100m

O.J Simpson has had quite the interesting time since being released from prison. According to USA Today,  Simpson, was thrown out of a Vegas hotel by the name of Cosmopolitan earlier this year.    When he was thrown out, he, was allegedly heavily drunk and on drugs. Now, uh, O.J's lawyer apparently is demanding that the hotel publicly admit that such wasn't the case or else. USA Today notes that O.J's legal team is seeking a $100m lawsuit against Cosmopolitan claiming troubling damages;   libel,   and wrong statements made to police. KVVU claims that Simpson was forced to take  drug and alcohol tests moments after the alleged incident, both, reportedly came back negative.  At the time,  Simpson,  reiterated
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Here’s what O. J Simpson will do after prison: Reports

Apparently it involves South Florida; Pam Bondi, and an iPhone. A letter leaked online Saturday morning shows that the state of Florida is demanding that Nevada block O.J Simpson from moving to Florida. Florida's AG Pam Bondi reportedly wrote in the letter "We are well aware of what kind of person O.J is and his disregard for others"  indicating that she has already made a play to stop his being transferred from Nevada to Florida. Bondi apparently doesn't want the convicted felon and former major American star to   live out the rest of his life in Florida.  O.J's attorneys announced over the weekend that, uh, he had apparently decided to go with his close friend to Florida. 
O.J Simpson moved to new cell ahead of October release: Reports
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O.J Simpson moved to new cell ahead of October release: Reports

O.J Simpson is almost a free man.  Earlier this week, the Board of  Corrections in Nevada granted the convicted robber and kidnapper parole for the first time in 9 years.  A Department spokesperson then confirmed to The Daily News Saturday morning, that, Simpson would be 'moved to a new cell for his protection" pending his October release. The Nevada Department of Corrections is concerned that other inmates at the prison could feel "alienated" and attempt to harm Simpson ahead of his release. "So we moved him to prevent that, we, have managed to keep him safe for nine years -- and will continue to do so until he's released". Meanwhile, we're pretty sure there are book deals on the way.
LAPD reportedly investigating new alleged “weapon” in murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

LAPD reportedly investigating new alleged “weapon” in murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

LOS ANGELES --  For more than 20 years, the weapon believed to have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson, has largely eluded Los Angeles authorities. Now, after a story reportedly appeared on TMZ.com alleging that Los Angeles police were apparently investigating a newly discovered weapon that some believe may indeed be the weapon -- cops have confirmed the news. LAPD captain Andy Neiman reportedly confirmed to the Associated Press that the new knife discovered is "indeed being investigated as a possible murder weapon", however, "nobody should jump the gun yet. It may be bogus just like the rest of the claims that have surfaced over the years". The rumors of a new alleged murder weapon  are surfacing in the midst of a hotly rated movie/sitcom on the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson entitled: The ...
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