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Public Notice: The NYPD is secretly staking out Harlem New York

Over the course of the last three weeks -- we've secretly witnessed and or flat out been present when the NYPD has been caught staking out innocent neighborhoods in Harlem. They are known to stake out near Whole Foods; W 125 near Popeyes (and from the Saint Nicholas Projects (W 125/W 128). We're issuing this notice to make people aware. Share this with your friends if you have to and especially your children. Two latino men clean cut in appearance are undercover NYPD cops. They are dressed like us. One of the undercover cops is known to wear dark trousers and usually (both times we've seen him) a black sweater making it hard to get an accurate description of his face. They are dressed as if they are one of us. Let me repeat that. They are dressed as one of us. The two m...
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