Tag: NYC Shutdown


At 8 pm a tri-state area-wide shutdown begins in an effort to curb the Coronavirus [NYC, NJ, and CT]

This must be reiterated that you should still be able to go to the store; retrieve medicine, and likely even go see your friends and whatnot if you're brave. At 8pm --- the following services and places will be forcibly shut under government orders. Now whether or not most of these stores are actually open in the area(s) described --- remains to be determined as allot of them have voluntarily closed. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL LOCKDOWN. WHILE THINGS ARE BEING TOLD TO LOCKDOWN (I.E SERVICES; RESTAURANTS, AND THOSE ON THIS LIST) IT IS NOT A FORMAL LOCKDOWN ORDER. AT LEAST NOT YET. FROM WHAT WE UNDERSTAND NYC WILL NOT SEE SIMILAR LOCKDOWN ORDERS LIKE THOSE IN ITALY. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THE MISINFORMATION FLOATING AROUND. YOU SHOULD STILL FOLLOW QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS TO PROTECT YOURS...
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