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Here’s more that we know about kidnapper Tad Cummins
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Here’s more that we know about kidnapper Tad Cummins

Tad Cummins, 50, is the topic of the week.  The former health sciences teacher in Maury County, TN is now one of the most wanted people in Tennessee. Cummins, 50, is believed to be holding Elizabeth Thomas against her will after it emerged that he is in possession of two firearms. Reports surfaced Thursday that Cummins, 50, had reportedly taken out a $4,500 loan days before he disappeared and it reportedly went through just hours after Thomas disappeared from the restaurant she was at just 40 miles outside of her hometown. TBI announced that they had reportedly come across information from Cummin 's own  computer devices that he had searched topics like teen marriage; how to get away with it, and  if there were any features of his Nissan Rogue that could be tracked by any form of law...
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