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On the Streets

Report: O.J Simpson already on the prowl for a lady friend

Careful what you wish for ladies, you just may, uh, end up with the juice.   The ex-convict (who was released from prison last Sunday) is about and about among everyone else in Las Vegas, and, is seeking female companionship.  According to reports,  O.J, apparently wants to go to the "Bunny Playhouse"  just outside of Las Vegas, although,   parole officials appear to have rejected such a proposal. Page Six reports that Simpson's parole office apparently declined the request citing that "such a move or attending such a venue would violate O.J's parole plain and simple".  Although reps for O.J did confirm that The Juice is indeed looking for companionship ("and will find a way to attend where he wants to go..").  

Knife found on O. J Simpson’s estate not murder weapon

LOS ANGELES -- A knife famously provided     by former and retired LAPD officer Maycott to the LAPD in the death of Nicole Brown Simpson,  has,  been determined that it isn't the murder weapon. Police officials confirmed Sunday that a variety of forensic tests were performed on the knife that later determined  no connection was possible.
LAPD reportedly investigating new alleged “weapon” in murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

LAPD reportedly investigating new alleged “weapon” in murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

LOS ANGELES --  For more than 20 years, the weapon believed to have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson, has largely eluded Los Angeles authorities. Now, after a story reportedly appeared on TMZ.com alleging that Los Angeles police were apparently investigating a newly discovered weapon that some believe may indeed be the weapon -- cops have confirmed the news. LAPD captain Andy Neiman reportedly confirmed to the Associated Press that the new knife discovered is "indeed being investigated as a possible murder weapon", however, "nobody should jump the gun yet. It may be bogus just like the rest of the claims that have surfaced over the years". The rumors of a new alleged murder weapon  are surfacing in the midst of a hotly rated movie/sitcom on the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson entitled: The ...
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