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Morning Mix: Americans are scared of the vaccine; Biden might have an AG, and the GOPers are getting nuttier by the day

This edition of Morning Mix is brought to you by T-Mobile. In this edition more jam-packe than ever before, we’ve got allot to talk about. So grab your Sunday morning coffee and your cat, and let’s dig in. According to reports, Joe Biden is narrowing his search for an Attorney General to just a handful of names. Among those names happens to be: Merrick Garland, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and former Alabama Senator Doug Jones. Multiple reports indicate that all are being seriously considered, however, a possible special consideration is underway for Cuomo. 2. Last night in D.C, Donald Trump ‘s supporters at a MAGA March went full blown crazy as expected. During the Million MAGA March (I think I said that right) thousands of Trump supporters who still falsely believe ...
Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

We’re starting a newsletter subscription on @Substack

The Daily News is proud to announce our latest venture.  After several referrals from people in New York City, we have decided to give Substack a go.   For a while, we've been searching for new and inventive ways to continually increase revenue -- Substack appears to be a good-go. Since about summer last year, we have consistently hauled in five figure monthly earnings from advertising alone.   Our newsletter will go live sometime in May.
Trump ‘s bribe; an inmates story, PLUS Gamestop’s Big Announcement – Newsletter
Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

Trump ‘s bribe; an inmates story, PLUS Gamestop’s Big Announcement – Newsletter

Gamestop is doing away with a big part of their rewards program; Donald Trump made an illegal bribe to a federal official, and a female inmate tells her shocking story -- this is your Saturday Daily Newsletter. Gamestop is reportedly ending another chapter of its power-up rewards program once expirations are up this year. Donald Trump apparently... Isn't aware that bribing a federal official is actually very much against the law. According to USA TODAY, Donald Trump tried to bribe the acting head of the DHS (a pardon in exchange for illegally forcing the US/Mexican border closed). 1.5 Actress Lori Loughlin and hubby Mossimo ... Are about as dumb as they actually seem.  Two of the main faces in the now infamous college admissions scandal have refused to cooperate with prosecutors. In f...
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