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2020 U.S Elections

In a political row with Biden, Trump now says he may “do more” when student loan freeze expires

In a battle for Bernie Sanders' young and working voters --- Donald Trump has now classified his interest in "doing more" for student loans when the current freeze expires later this year. In March, Donald Trump lawfully ordered all student loans frozen including interest for at least six months. The decision comes after Joe Biden revealed in a Medium post yesterday, how, he planned himself to change up the soaring student loan debt in America. Of those policies, millions of Americans would see their student loans forgiven. Activists hope this is what may be the beginning of pushing Sanders' a bit more left so that Bernie 's policies can be further aligned and adopted.
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Treasury Sec: Expect stimulus checks to be direct deposited in 3 weeks [Trending]

Most of America although it isn't much is hoping to get their hands on the stimulus checks now being prepared by the Treasury Department. This week --- the government confirmed that the checks should be deposited in roughly 3 weeks (sometime exactly roughly around the 2nd week of April) for those who used their banks for prior tax returns. As we've mentioned before here are some things to remember: Most people will get up to $1,200 (+ $500 per kid)Couples will get up to $2,400 (depending on combined income/kids/+$500 per kid.)This is not taxable income, therefore despite misinformation online, you will not be required to pay it back at the end of the year. The government may give more if the virus continues based on the legislation. It's important to remember that this money is a...
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