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Criminal complaints against Andrew Cuomo have been filed officially

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have even worse problems to worry about. According to CNN, Cuomo is now the subject of at least two separate criminal complaints in Albany. This makes the sitting Governor of New York the subject of a formal criminal complaint. Reports indicate that the woman only identified as executive assistant “one” in the initial report made the complaint on Thursday. The complaint alleges on multiple occasions, which were found to be true, that Governor abused his power to take advantage of women while in office. Right now an internal fight between top NY lawmakers is underway. Amid the allegations and the investigation into his actions — Cuomo is actually refusing to completely resign.
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Surprise! Children can no longer get married in New York City

If that headline had you checking your iPhone to tell you what year it was never fear you are far from alone. In 2021, many were surprised to learn this week that child marriage was still legal in New York City. In fact -- multiple websites report that the act is still legal in a majority of America (only 6 states prohibit such from happening.) But this week Andrew Cuomo signed a law into legislation that otherwise blocks child marriages from happening. In the states (including New York before they outlawed it) children beginning usually at the age of 14 could marry. It is perhaps one of the archaic holdovers from the previous century where such was not entirely frowned upon. Called Nalia's Law (a young woman who survived the very definition of child marriage) the law takes e...
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New York is poised to begin allowing non-binary residents to designate their gender

Big changes coming to New York. According to the government, New Yorkers in 180 days will be permitted to change their DMV registration and birth certificates to indicate the gender in which they identify with. With the new law also comes a new law that does away with the rule that people must publish their name change, address, birthplace, and birth date in newspapers upon actually doing so in the name of the law. New York now joins a growing number of states that offer different gender choices including "X."
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Cuomo has announced that New Yorkers can ditch their masks after all: Report

New York residents can now apparently ditch their facemasks as much of America roils with following newly put out CDC guidelines. The new guidelines in New York City likely will have some form of a verification process for businesses, who, will be required to verify if people are vaccinated. That verification will probably come from the city's Excelsior Pass -- which is already functioning for major events and concert halls. The further announcement is expected within days as New York has managed to vaccinate millions and most are following guidelines. The Governors office confirmed that masks will still be required in hospitals; public transit, and the usual areas where people have no choice but to informally mass gather. New York is the latest state to follow the new...

Let it snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow 🎶🎶🎶😍

It’s beginning to look allot kind of like Christmas. Despite the unusual circumstances; not being able to see families, and the like — many welcomed the sudden snowstorm as a delight this holiday season. Here in Brooklyn New York it is currently snowing and sticking. *Inserts that god awful Frozen song* https://twitter.com/bazaardailyus/status/1339381754843426816?s=21 Just a friendly reminder to charge your devices and what not in the event of a power outage. Stay safe and warm —- throw a snowball for us. ❤️😍
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AOC: We fought for more payments to Americans, Republicans flat out refused

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been one of the top vocal critics about the stimulus bill, but not because she didn't want the bill. According to Ocasio-Cortez, she and other leading Democrats in Washington fought for more payments and even higher initial payments... none of which Republicans were going for. EPA/ERIK S. LESSER “I’m telling you right now, and as you probably already know, $1,200 in New York City is not enough,” the congresswoman said during an Instagram Live Q/A session Thursday night. “We fought for recurring payments. In fact, what we fought for was $2,000 per person, in addition to more monthly, recurring payments,” she said. “And again, the Trump Administration and Mitch McConnell’s Senate and the Republicans refused, absolutely refused to entertain th...
Coronavirus cases in  NY SOAR past 20k: Governor
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Coronavirus cases in NY SOAR past 20k: Governor

ALBANY --- During a presser this morning, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a grim stat for New York as a whole. According to the Governor's Office, there are now more than 20,000 cases of the killer novel Coronavirus in New York state. That means that New York now accounts for 5% of all cases known worldwide. The Gov announced that since Sunday at sundown, there has been an increase in cases amounting to a staggering 5,707 bringing the total to a dizzying 20,875. Roughly about 12.8k of those cases remain within the confinements of all five of the boroughs. Editors note: For the love of god people, please remember to wash your hands and protect yourself. Cuomo additionally confirmed that at least 13% of all of those cases are ALL* hospitalized at this time.
Missing teen Karol Sanchez found alive: NYPD

Missing teen Karol Sanchez found alive: NYPD

This is an emergency broadcast bulletin as ordered by our Editorial Board. A Bronx teenager identified as 16-year old Karol Sanchez is missing. According to police, Sanchez was on a stroll with her Mom when four men abruptly hopped out of a beige sedan and abducted her. UPDATE: As of 3:03 pm local time, Sanchez has been found alive according to authorities. EDITORS NOTE: Reports are indicating that this kidnapping may have been a sham/staged at the hands of Karol herself. Although unconfirmed as of this writing -- it sounds like Karol staged this kidnapping to avoid an alleged family move back to Honduras. Police are investigating the claims. A video indeed surfaced online of the abduction. This is hard to watch. Please watch this video and if you know anything phone the...
Jonas Studio Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Pieces for Fall
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Jonas Studio Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Pieces for Fall

The seasons are shifting and so should your wardrobe. Jonas Studio can give you that extra something while not going over the top pop. On the about the brand Jonas says, "Jewelry, after all, is no ordinary accessory. It’s a significant component of a greater vision that you have of yourself and that sense of self-expression is at the heart of everything crafted by the family-owned Jonas Studio." While Jonas Studio creates bracelets, necklaces, tie-bars, pins, and wallet chains below are three examples of men bracelets that would pair well with any fit for this season. These accessories are infused with and by New York take a look below.  Strong yet understated, tailored yet relaxed, the Flatiron Collection provides him with easy silver styles for anything on his agenda....
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The Classical Theater of Harlem The Bacchae Review

In New York City, there are several parks renowned for its cultural activities.  Harlem's Marcus Garvey Park Richard Rogers Amphitheater comes to life, this season with its annual outdoor Shakespeare in the Park. This summer presentation by The Classical Theater of Harlem invites New Yorkers to ponder over Freedom, Ecstasy, Anarchy vs Law, Order, and Control…who wins? Rather, who survives in The Bacchae. First produced in 405 BC, Euripides' Bacchae tells the ancient story of the arrival of Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication, in Greece. When Dionysus comes to the city of Thebes, he liberates the people from their homes, sending the citizens - dancing and drinking - into the hills. A young king, named Pentheus, tries to subdue the revelry and restore order to his city, waging ...

Police: Manhattan #Blackout caused by fire

As power continues to come back on across Manhattan, news outlets across the city are learning why the power outage appears to have happened. According to police; multiple news outlets, and the FDNY the outage appears to have happened due to a manhole fire at the 64th street and West End Avenue in Manhattan. Some of the affected areas have already come online, others, have not quite got that far. This is the city's first major ("major") blackout since the blackout that struck in 1977. https://twitter.com/bombaysaphfire/status/1150176069972058112?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1150176069972058112&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fnymag.com%2Fintelligencer%2F2019%2F07%2Fmanhattan-power-outage.html https://twitter.com/UPIPhotos/status/1150216474788847616?ref_s...
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Lawyer attempts to defend Anna Sorokin, NYC ‘s ‘Soho Grifter”

Wednesday marked opening statements in the Soho Grifter trial, and, just as one would humorously expect they were absolutely made for T.V. In the defense's opening statement, they reportedly tried to defend Sorokin 's bizarre scam citing "she had to do it her way". Todd Spodek explained, "In her world this is what her social circle did. Everyone’s life was perfectly curated for social media. People were fake. People were phony. And money was made on hype alone.” While this may ring true in Delvey's delusional world, uh,  that isn't quite what prosecutors are trying to paint.   According to prosecutors, "In short, she stole, she stole from banks, she stole from hotels, she stole from friends, she tried to steal from a hedge fund." It is widely believed that Sorokin ("aka Anna Delvey) m...
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Contrary to belief, we are not penning an Ali Forney Center hit piece

Contrary to popular belief, we,  have no intention of penning an apparent  expose or "hit piece" on the Ali Forney Center in New York City.     That is an organisation that we hold near-and-dear to our hearts, and,  have no intention of writing about in this newspaper.  In fact, we have only ever written positive feedback about the organisation that has helped so many people. At this time, nor in the future, do we intend on writing about the Ali Forney Center or its affiliates in any manner besides positive coverage that includes the services they provide to young people.
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Cynthia Nixon: Yep, I’m running for Governor of New York

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is officially running for Governor of New York.   The former  Sex and the City actress announced her run for Governor of New York   as Monday kicked off,   Nixon,   who appeared in an ad to make the announcement,  is preparing to challenge Andrew Cuomo for his seat. He has been  Governor for at least two terms. Nixon in the video, ehum, tackles one of the most important issues in New York City: Poverty. New York City is  "the most unequal state in the entire country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty. ... How did we let this happen?" Meanwhile,  sexist Twitter and social media has already picked up steam against  Nixon.  Due to our policies, we,  will not print  the messages that are sexist against Nixon.

Bitchy football heiress arrested for assault, possibly a hate crime

NEW YORK --  In tradition of the how-to-be-an-annoying-heiress handbook,  Jacqueline Kent-Cooke, (the football heiress), proved that just like every other heiress --   life is all about themselves. According to the New York Daily News,   Jacqueline apparently got into a pretty wicked  fight that turned violent over the New Years holiday.  In that fight,  Kent-Cooke apparently violently assaulted a man with a $300 glass clutch.   That incident, per police reports, left him pretty bloodied up and there was also apparently an  anti-semantic remark made. In New York State, such remarks are highly illegal and considered potential hate crimes.   The New York Daily News confirmed Cooke-Kent is indeed being investigated for a hate crime.
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