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Report: Nashville bomber may have been a nutcase obsessing over 5g conspiracy theories

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Amid reprots that investigators believe that the Nashville bomber may have actually been a suicide bomber , it appears that they also believe something else particularly interesting about Anthony Quinn Warner. According to WSMV, a realtor who apparently worked with Anthony although the man who worked for him only ever identified himself as Tony. The realtor told investigators that Tony had never spoken about his conspiracy theory beliefs. Although many now say Anthony may have had a fixation with a conspiracy theory surrounding the idea that 5G (the cell phone service) allegedly is actually a tool that is being used to spy on Americans. We’d like to reiterate before we continue that said conspiracy theory has never been proven. The realtor has been ide...
A group of teenagers broke out of a Nashville juvenile detention center: Cops
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A group of teenagers broke out of a Nashville juvenile detention center: Cops

NASHVILLE -- Authorities in Nashville is on the hunt for a group of teenagers who in a stunning manner managed to break out of a juvenile detention centre. Those teenagers all under the age of 18 are accused and were incarcerated for the alleged murder of Kyle Yorlets. The suspects have been identified as Decorrius Wright and at. least three other teenagers. It is believed they broke out of the downtown facility after an apparent fight was staged during their scheduled work time last night. Wright, 16, is charged with the murder of Nashville musician Kyle Yorlets, who was found shot to death outside his home in February. Morris Marsh, 17, is accused of murder. Brandon Caruthers, 17, and an unnamed 15-year-old boy are facing armed robbery and gun possession charges.
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