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World Premier of Sing! Goddess
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World Premier of Sing! Goddess

Greek mythology is something I have been fascinated with since elementary school. I remember there was one book, the only one of its kind, in the school library that I still have yet to return. Yikes! Those late fees are most likely outstandingly gross. Ines Braun & Erin Capistrano have created a work that is all-encompassing of what a night out to the theater should feel like, bringing together of communities through storytelling. Braun and Capistrano's new work takes audiences on a journey of how would the forces or powers to operate if there were no male head figure involved. The duo craft of adding complex layers of richness by embodying the goddesses with the actors' humanity makes for both entertaining and educational theater. Having worked with Ines and Erin before, I know very ...
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