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REPORT: The military in Myanmar, in an extraordinary fashion, has seized power in a coup

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar -- As Monday continues to get underway the rest of the world is finding out that military-clad men have seized control of Myanmar (also known as Burma) in an extraordinary coup. A coup powered by claims of supposed election fraud that don't appear to be backed up by any tangible evidence against the ruling party also known as the NLD (National League for Democracy.) In the early morning hours of Monday, Aung San Suu Kyi and other top leaders were detained in military led raids on their homes and official residences as the military sought to overthrow the government. The military maintains that Suu Kyi and her NLD party somehow committed election fraud by counting votes from "voters that simply did not exist." Several reports point out that the military has ...
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Burmese Prime Minister Suu Kyi might be prosecuted for war crimes: Report

MYANMAR --    Trouble brewing in Asia, as, we've learned that Suu Kyi (the woman Prime Minister not to be confused with the President)   might just be headed for some serious criminal trouble.  Now, this is where it gets interesting. We do  have to inform our readers that,  we, have received warnings from the government of Myanmar to not discuss this subject or report on it. As a prominent Muslim oriented newspaper,  we,  often do get warned by Muslim governments to  avoid these topics or else.   Our Editor in Chief has ordered this to publication despite the threats.  In the upcoming series on the crisis, we, have interviews with multiple influential figures who are trying desperately to stop Suu Kyi in her tracks.  News reports surfaced Saturday night that Suu Kyi may face prosecut...
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