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For reasons that are unclear, Russia is reviving the Haunted House of the Soviets

For reasons that probably are a little stranger than the New York Times could find, Russia is making big improvements to a historical building. But not just any building — in fact the former House of Soviets in Kalingrad. According to a wild story in the New York Times, the building has been mostly vacant for nearly 42 years. Though a recently authorized project now appears to be on the horizon thanks to an overzealous construction agency. The rumored haunted house is going to be demolished and reconstructed though not everybody is thrilled at the idea. Russia houses nuclear plants nearby.
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Unusual ruling in Russia sparks online debate

On whether or not asking for organs is indeed humane or not, or better yet, the OK to take them from someone dead.   But, this is where it gets interesting, and, rather hairy.   In documents obtained by the Associated Press,    Russia apparently has found itself in the midst of two major lawsuits related to organ donations. Yes, organ donations.   Per the documents,     relatives of recently deceased individuals in Russia have filed suit against the Kremlin  via the European Court of Human Rights.  In those suits, relatives allege that on a number of occasions -- Russia has taken organs from the dead without the knowledge or consent of their relatives. A charge, that,  Russia  denies citing that it would have been inhumane for the country to ask permission. The AP has an extensive l...
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Russia wants to end Facebook entirely: Report

But only because of a little known law that Russia is quietly trying to enforce. Back in 2014, the Kremlin passed a law that would eventually allow said Kremlin to collect social media users' information by the masses when it wants. The law, uh, was originally meant to ensure the privacy and safety of all Russians and their information. But, that same law, was later discovered to actually be a ploy by the Kremlin to crush online anonymity and demand that  digital monikers be unmasked. By doing so, Russia,  would soon be able to know (and by all means literally) who is who and whom is writing what.  Opposition to the law has been strong. So here's what it means. Linkedin has been banned in Russia for some time, essentially, for refusal to turn over user information.  Something, th...
Donald Trump Jr’s relationship with Russian lawyer deepens
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Donald Trump Jr’s relationship with Russian lawyer deepens

The controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr's meeting with an equally controversial Russian lawyer has deepened. According to CNN,   the number of actual attendees has now apparently increased to just above eight. Initially, it was believed that only Jared Kushner;  Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump Jr attended the meeting.  Then, it suddenly jumped to three more. Now,  even more. CNN reports that a translator and a family representative were also at the meeting. A meeting that has since been downplayed by President Trump  who says his son is a "good person" and is entirely "innocent". Meanwhile, most aren't buying the claims that he only asked one question while meeting that lawyer in Manhattan.  
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