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Dems call foul on refusal to raise minimum wage, have a plan B in place

House Democrats would like Republicans to know that because they’re moving ship on a reported plan B to raise the minimum wage in the U.S. According to reports, Democrats are prepared to levy taxable fines against large corporations where their employees simply just don’t make enough. Those fines per Washington would begin roughly at 5%. Employers would then be subject to higher fines as time goes on and would not be able to avoid them by simply outsourcing their employees. The Hill reports that such would be one of the first times that Washington would have ever reversed course and stuck it to corporations.
New York Governor orders state’s minimum wage to $15

New York Governor orders state’s minimum wage to $15

NEW YORK -- Interesting news in New York City today.  According to Governor Andrew Cuomo,   New York is on par to become the latest state to mandate  a $15 minimum wage.  The announcement came from Cuomo,  during a press conference,  in which he had this to say about the city's startlingly low pay. The current minimum wage in the state of New York ... in our opinion does not afford one the ability to live a decent life," Cuomo said, per CBS New York. "You can't raise a family on $18,000 a year in the state of New York. So we want to raise the minimum wage, which in and of itself would affect 2.3 million workers." New York is now just one of many states ordering a pay hike for low pay workers,  in an age,  where Americans mus t hold thr...
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