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Why you should start using the Mileage app today
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Why you should start using the Mileage app today

If you run a business where you operate a fleet of cars, then you understand the need to cut costs. Costs can become substantial in fleet operations which can in turn significantly eat into your profit margins. One of the best ways to keep your costs in check is to keep track of your mileage. In the past, fleet owners used to keep track of mileage manually. This is no longer the case, thanks to companies like TripLog. TripLog helps you keep track of mileage automatically through a tracking app. In case you aren’t tracking your mileage already, here is why you should start using the mileage app today. 1.     You enjoy tax deductions Tax deductions can help you save money, money that you can spend on other aspects of your business. One of the tax deduction...
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