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Meghan’s dirty secret: Duchess of Sussex quietly wore $700k earrings from murderous Saudi prince

Despite claims from Meghan herself and Kensington Palace -- Meghan Markle appears to have in fact lied about a significant piece of information regarding herself. According to The Daily Mail, Markle 's infamous wedding earrings were not in fact borrowed but instead a gift from Mohammed Bin Salman. Editors note: it is unclear whether or not they were directly owned by Meghan or a gift from the Queen. It was initially claimed by Meghan and Kensington Palace that the earrings worn in Fiji were borrowed. They were not borrowed -- Bin Salman gave them to Meghan as a wedding gift. Even being a gift from MBS -- protocol states that gifts go to the Crown and remain property though they may have been intended for a particular person. (Just so we're clear Bin Salman is the Crown Prince of ...
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