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Somewhere in China

This new @Mcdonalds burger covered in Spam and Oreo Crumbles in China is the most offensive thing we’ve ever seen

Is it diabetes? Is it crack? Or is it that Mcdonald ‘s just doesn’t possibly care about public health.? In China the grotesque food giant is apparently spending this week shelling out their new burger concoction in the country. And that concoction features none other than a burger topped in spam; oreo crumbles, and more. This is a real advertisement. According to Chinese social media (yes we hang out there), the restaurant made the announcement on Weibo earlier this week. The response to the burger of course has been wildly amusing and often pretty gross.
Mcdonald’s  is now allowing Snapchat job applications
Your take?

Mcdonald’s is now allowing Snapchat job applications

That is if, uh, you're in Australia. According to Mcdonald's Australia (which by the way is the AU's biggest youth employer) the restaurant chain is actively seeking new ways to bring in youth for their first jobs and grow their work force.  Employing some 65,000 youth across Australia,  Mcdonald's, hopes that employing the help of the world's most popular photo sharing app will grow their talent base.  So, how does it work? According to one rep,  users in the area must login to Snapchat and then select the exclusive Mcdonald's filter. The filter will allow people to try on a Mcdonald's uniform and name tag and then be directed to a job application whereas Mcdonald's recruiters will directly choose applicants from that Snapchat story entirely.   
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