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Trump ‘s sister Maryanne Trump Barry takes him to task in secretly recorded audio: WaPo

Over the weekend -- a top secret audio file landed in the hands of The Washington Post and revealed an even larger rift in the Trump family. According to the audio, Maryanne Trump Barry is among those that feels that her own brother cannot be trusted and is "cruel." Per the Washington Post, the audio file appears to corroborate some of the claims made by Mary Trump in her previously released bombshell book. EDITORS NOTE: Recording someone in almost any fashion isn't entirely illegal. There are only about 12 states in which such that it could become a problem. In a lot of states, there is what is called the "one-party rule" which means that you can record someone without their knowledge (i.e phone calls/etc.) The audio files range from damning to rather interesting especially...
Donald Trump has more than 100 Judiciary Seats to Fill
Trump's America

Donald Trump has more than 100 Judiciary Seats to Fill

And for anyone that knows anything about politics, that means that Donald Trump has now every avenue to push the scary conservative agenda on America.   Some apparently say that there are so many seats across the judiciary spectrum to fill, because,   Republicans stopped confirming Obama's nominees over a year ago entirely. Which is accurate.  Republicans vehemently refused to confirm Garland as a Supreme Court nominee out of spite against outgoing President Barack Obama. Now,  Maryanne Trump Barry and many others (yes, that's Trump's older sister) are gunning to have those seats including Garland's filled. Maryanne is already an appeals judge and is widely respected at that, however, she shares the same controversial views held by many Americans who want many of the progressive forw...
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