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Martin Shrkeli has spoken on those fraud charges
Hold up..

Martin Shrkeli has spoken on those fraud charges

Martin Shrkeli is on trial for fraud charges on Wall Street, and now, Martin Shrkeli has told the world just how he feels about those charges. According to tweets posted by Shrkeli,  the betrothed pharma exec apparently feels that the accusations are "baseless" and he will "prevail" even in federal court. More information about some of the charges has since been released to the media. Per New York officials,  Shrkeli is charged with fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud from 2009 all the way until 2014. Per Brooklyn court officials, Shrkeli "used a pharma company he acquired to pay back disgruntled hedge fund bosses" that he had pissed off after losing copious amounts of their money in bad trades.  
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