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Mack H . Lewis II officially joins The Daily News in high ranking position

PHILLY -- Philly resident Mack H. Lewis II is officially a top-member of The Daily News.    In a brand new partnership with Lewis II, we,  are thrilled to be working with the  creatively unique Mack who could be described as "quirky and uniquely different". Mack will serve as Counselor to the President;  Regional Director of Sales and  Talent Acquisition, and will take up projects of his own under his new title. Mack's first major appearance will be this summer  during  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week whereas he will appear with Sultan H. Khane and his secretary Cole Brennan for the first time.  
Mack H. Lewis II joins The Daily News as trusted adviser to SHK

Mack H. Lewis II joins The Daily News as trusted adviser to SHK

PHILADELPHIA -- You've heard mentions of a trusted adviser before, but, there was no public confirmation by The Daily News of the identity of the individual responsible for much of the modern influence given to SHK. Philadelphia resident Mack H. Lewis has in whole or part been responsible for much of the influence over-casted to this newspaper in recent weeks.   Officials, Lewis, joins The Daily News as the top adviser to SHK himself. Lewis will join SHK this summer in his brief tour of Philadelphia where the two will pass out Teddy Bears to local hospitals; visit homeless shelters, and give a public speech to the LGBTQ  in the community center downtown.
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