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Shattering LoveBScott.com ‘s “exclusive tea” reports
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Shattering LoveBScott.com ‘s “exclusive tea” reports

Because it's a gossip blog, we're not entirely surprised that they fabricate stories about celebrities (in the name of clicks and ad dollars) but then we have to remember that's actually how most gossip blogs function. LoveBScott.com (founded by that Brandon person) has a long history of doing such -- explicitly with Beyonce stories actually. The latest report was debunked today by Beyonce 's own team (Link) Let's start recently though. Last night, Scott 's blog published an article claiming that Queen Bey is headed to a Las Vegas residency next year. First and foremost, we'd like to point out that we did the usual vetting and poking around was initially unable to find any singular source able to at least add credibility to the claim. But we ran the story anyway to prove a...
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