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Top 30 Tender Messages to Your Loved One
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Top 30 Tender Messages to Your Loved One

Nothing can brighten up a day better than a cute message from a loved one. It is a perfect way to start a morning or say good night: just text your partner a few pleasant words. You can talk about how you adore them how much their support and affection mean to you and suggest ideas about how you can spend your next time together. The main principle is to say honest, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel; just write what you feel because copy-pasted phrases work as turnoffs for girls. 1. You are my sunshine and my moon. My dark days would be incomplete without you because only when we are apart, I feel how much you mean to me. 2. I appreciate the time and efforts you spend to make me happy; no one has ever made me feel as special as you do. 3. When we are together, there is no need t...
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