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Report: Lori Harvey claims she was almost carjacked in Atlanta

There's an interesting story brewing in Atlanta and it looks like Lori Harvey has some explaining to do. According to Sandra Rose, it apparently went down like this over the past week -- and it allegedly involves two robbers; Lori, and her 2020 Rolls Royce SUV. NEMO/BACKGRID Lori claims that on Wednesday night, she parked her very expensive car in an Atlanta complex's parking lot. Now the first question most have is why would you park a Rolls Royce of any kind in an Atlanta parking lot is perhaps beyond the level of dumb that I can establish on a Sunday afternoon. But like the web always points out there are several elements that don't quite make sense. Police haven't been able to find security footage from the store she was apparently at, and, she claims that. all they go...

Steve Harvey doesn’t want to talk about his man-eating reckless daughter Lori or her love life

And that’s coming directly from the horses mouth. Paparazzi caught TV host and best selling author Steve Harvey out and about in Beverly Hills today and according to Harvey people need to stop asking about Lori. Harvey herself is perhaps most recently known for causing and then fleeing the scene of an accident. Photogs asked Harvey how he felt about Lori dating pharmaceutical rapper Future and his less than impressive toxic ways. “I don’t know anything about that.” Harvey told reporters brushing them out of his way.
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Report: Fast tracked Lory Harvey has moved into Future ‘s penthouse dungeon

Prince Williams/ATLPics.net There's a new baby on the way for Future and his latest concubine. According to MTONews.com, Future and Lori Harvey have moved in together after Harvey was allegedly seen moving out of her father's opulent Los Angeles mansion and into Future 's nearby penthouse. The site claims that both parents disapprove of the relationship, but we're guessing because Harvey has more miles on her than an AMEX card -- she doesn't give two damns about what mommy and daddy have to say. Such comes amid reports that Future is planning to add miles to Harvey because he allegedly wants 10 kids like Eddie Murphy.
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