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Exploring @JoeBiden ‘s 1994 Crime Bill
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Exploring @JoeBiden ‘s 1994 Crime Bill

There's a lot of chatter about the so-called 1994 Crime Bill (that arguably and quite often led to extreme cases of minority-led incarceration in the United States). For those that aren't aware -- yes Joe Biden was one of the original Senators who wrote (or in part wrote/had a part in) this bill. It is not something that he has in-depth discussed yet on the road to the 2020 campaign. This bill was also partially inspired by the 1993 Waco Siege. In this particular instance, white criminals engaged in the armed fire with government agents on a Waco ranch. It effectively began the conquest of private prison systems to lay the groundwork; open for business, load prisoners, and repeat. And at often times, prisons like so many have would intentionally expand to hold more prisoners. We'd l...
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