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Massive college tower driving huge problem in popular London neighborhood

To the naked eye, Imperial College's massive new tower  is nothing short of an iconic landmark. To the nearby residents of the upcoming White City campus tower -- the tower is nothing more than annoyance and an extremely tall tower that isn't needed. Contractors of the 35-story tower  aimed to redesign Imperial College's newest design in the heart of  the popular Kensington District.   Imperial still has a growing number of students, including, 17,000 students and around 8,000 staff as a whole. Local residents tell The Daily News "It's pretty annoying to see such an unneeded high building in an area already  compiled of so many buildings and homes.   This was a blatant waste of space" say at least four residents of the area. Developers of the project which started last year, e...
London Terror Attacks:   6 people dead
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London Terror Attacks: 6 people dead

LONDON ----   London has suffered its latest attack for the third time in the last few months, and now,  six more are among those dead.   Late last night,  three armed gunmen opened fire on the London Bridge after they rammed their truck into innocent people. According to multiple witnesses and videos received by The Daily News, the attackers, were armed with knives; guns, and heavy weaponry.  More than 20 people were injured; 6 have died (two of our own), and multiple remain in the hospital. Police as of this writing have managed to shoot dead all three attackers per officials.  Meanwhile,  Prime Minister May has kept relatively quiet only releasing a single statement throughout much of the evening.
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