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Theater Review: The Rolling Stone
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Theater Review: The Rolling Stone

This play completely fucked me up. Chris Urch's The Rolling Stone is a play where once it begins picks up momentum and progressively rises the stakes. Metaphorically, it is as if the director took the playwright text, dropped it from a steep slope, and the stone(text) builds, and builds, and builds until we get to an ending where we don’t know if the damage done is to clear a path or continue on its rampage. I find that is what critics and viewers are missing this is not a start at point A arrive at point B type of play. There is still a whole people left today to either be the rolling stone or try to hide from being crushed. Directed by Saheem Ali (Sugar In Our Wounds) this new family drama tells the story of a gay man in Uganda and his church pastor brother who clash over the sexuali...
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