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Lana Del Rey responds to criticism over her IG post that confused the hell out of the world

Lana Del Rey typically has never really pissed people off, but uh, this week that all changed after a post appeared online seemingly ready to call out black female musicians. On Thursday, a series of IG posts surfaced online from Del Rey 's account that swiftly caught reactions online. Valerie Macon / Getty Images Among the most brutal: “Lana Del Rey erased the work of Black women and played the oppression Olympics, just to promote two poetry books and an album. The Caucasity of it all,” wrote Danielle Kwateng-Clark, culture and entertainment director at Teen Vogue. “I don’t know who was giving Lana Del Rey a hard time but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Black women,” said writer and speaker Jamilah Lemieux.  The post appeared to be some sort of failed advertis...

A man apparently tried to kidnap Lana Del Rey

ORLANDO -- After a concert in the Orlando area,  Lana Del Rey, was nearly apparently a kidnapping victim.  Orlando police say that Michael Hunt, a crazy obsessed apparent fan, was found a block from Del Rey's Amway Center Concert. Hunt, was apparently armed with a knife (among other weapons)  when he managed to get into the concert.  He apparently traveled to the area with the intent of actually kidnapping Del Rey after her concert. Hunt had apparently been on social media hours before, reportedly, having posted several  messages threatening Del Rey.
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