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The Daily News has seen Kylie Jenner ‘s sex tape, here’s what we know

LOS ANGELES --  Daily News did some digging, and, we've confirmed that the existence of the tape is real.    Daily News Online 's LA  gig managed to poke around Hollywood Boulevard over the weekend to discover some interesting  snippets about Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Here's what we found out. The video was "shot within the last six months" and it as of this writing is largely and (partially confirmed to be Kylie in the video) (We've seen parts of it).   The video was indeed shot in a secret motel room, and, from what we were able to make out of the "African American male" pictured in the video -- it indeed is very much American rapper Tyga. Earlier this week, it emerged in The Daily Mirror of the images and the reported video that appeared online.  Sources in Tyga's camp tell The Da...
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