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We took a look at the Klover “cash advance” app because a reader asked about it, you should probably beware

Editors note: Klover as it is called is a finance app that as you might've guessed gifts people instant small cash loans in between pay checks. This month -- a reader from Detroit Michigan asked us to take a look at the app and determine if it was okay to use after they had discovered that it seemed a tad spammy. Our social media team did in fact take look and we have determined that you should probably avoid the app wholeheartedly. As an app, the app is eerily similar to that of Earnin and so on. The concept of the app is to "float" people small amounts of money which are automatically debited upon repayment dates set automatically at the time of the initial loan. The problem with the Klover App, (aka Klover Financial) is that it does not actually tell you that your ability to...
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