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Kirk Cameron ‘s Christian card has been revoked, please don’t give it back to this vile creature

Because ya know there’s a special place in hell for people like Kirk Cameron. Kirk has spent his Christmas week leading up to the holiday doing none other than caroling, maskless, with quite a few other maskless people and it has caught the attention of the news. According to Twitter & ABC News, there were multiple days in which the maskless events happened both of which were in clear violation of COVID rules in California. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIfLJRQnXSE/?igshid=s1pzgmjkg853 But to Candace Cameron-Bure that isn’t a problem because what she’s more concerned about is the fact her brother is being called out for not giving a care about the current state of the pandemic in California. https://twitter.com/candacecbure/status/1341993895664603137?s=21 The...
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