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Broke & Evicted: Juelz Santana ‘s wife Kimbella booted from New York McMansion over $40k back rent

Guess those Love & Hip Hop cheques weren't really that large after all. According to our dearly beloved Bossip, documents obtained by the blog paint a dirty picture for Kimbella and the Santana gang. Docs show that the fam-bam is more than $40k behind on their 5-bedroom massive mansion about 20 miles out of New York City. This is where it gets hairy. According to the site, JP Morgan Chase sued the Santana gang last year to get them out of the home. Beginning what sounds like last Fall, the family stopped paying their roughly $6.1k a month rent on the massive home which resulted in a huge debt against the house. Chase actually bought the home at foreclosure a few years ago. Much of Kimbella 's problems stem from the fact that Juelz is dumb as hell and is currently in feder...
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