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5 of the Most Powerful North Koreans By Influence [Full List]

North Korea is one of the most reclusive countries in the world,  mostly not by choice, but that doesn't mean that those within the bounds of North Korea don't hold immense influence.    The Daily News took a deep dive into the country's political food-chain, and, the results were pretty interesting.  Kim Jong Un  In 2010-2011,  Kim Jong Un was ushered in as the Supreme leader of North Korea (indefinitely).  After the death of his father;  the assassination of his half-brother,  and then the execution of his uncle, it's safe to say nothing goes on without the word or demand of Kim himself.   In recent weeks, Kim. appears to have  dialed back his  dramatic rhetoric and approach to others. 2.  Kim Yong-nam President of the Supreme People's Assembly,  Yong-nam could be considere...
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