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Horrific new details out on London Bridge attack
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Horrific new details out on London Bridge attack

The UK 's counterintelligence terrorism chief has revealed a new report on the London Bridge attack, greatly, detailing the entire plan set out by the trio terrorists that rampaged through crowds via the London Bridge earlier this month. Mr.  Dean Haydon reportedly revealed today of how the trio terrorist group wanted to "rent a 8.3 ton truck" to kill as many people as possible. The issue? The group 's apparent ringleader Khuram Butt forgot to give the rental agency payment information which prevented them from getting it. ISIS has indeed claimed responsibility for the attack, although, Haydon doesn't believe they were taking orders from anybody.  The van had reportedly been filled with 13 wine-like bottles of flammable content;  and other things pertinent to making molotov cocktails...
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