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Celebrity News, Your take?

Kevin Spacey accused of sexual misconduct again

This time from an actual Princess, involving her royally handsome husband.  In an unusually weird  article written by The Telegraph,  Princess Martha Louise has claimed that  during at least two previously parties attended by her husband Ari Behn & Kevin Spacey -- Spacey groped him by the genitals at least once. Spacey was apparently the host of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize shin-dig that year,  and, as the co-host he found himself getting closer and closer to Princess Louise's husband.   Eventually, apparently having gone to ask for a smoke -- he then committed the act claimed in the article. Spacey 's rep hasn't returned phone calls for comment yet.

Production on House of Cards season 6 suspended 

Bad news for House of Cards fans.   According to producers,   season 6 of the hit show has seen its production cancelled.   The temporary suspension of production comes as the claims against newly and openly gay star Kevin Spacey become more complex.  "We're evaluating the situation" reads a statement from Netflix about the suspension.  Meanwhile,  other reports appear to have confirmed that at least three spin offs are currently up for grabs. 
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