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Terrifying murder rocks #Grindr

In the long ... and I mean a long list of reasons not to use Grindr at this point... things are getting pretty grim for the app. According to reports in Michigan, a young man is dead this week after being slaughtered to death; dismembered, and then castrated by a man he met up with off of the app. The man has been identified as 25-year-old Kevin Bacon (and I'm quoting this exactly from a police report because you cannot absolutely cannot make this up.) "Bacon was stabbed in the back; hung upside down, and then had his testicles cut off and cooked by a 50-year-old suspect." If that sounds like something straight out of a Freddie v Jason movie -- that's because of it fucking does. Police information confirmed the identity of Bacon 's killer to be that of Mark Letunski, 50, wh...
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