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McConnell doubles down as 11 more Republicans join the most seditious act America has ever seen

Sedition is underway in the United States and make no mistake it should be tantamount to what politicians otherwise consider crimes against the United States. Thus, Republican leaders including Mitch McConnell have revealed themselves to be anything but patriots this week as the battle over the Electoral College certification rages on. Fox News reports that McConnell 's Kentucky home was vandalized as the battle over the election continued into the New Year. Now 11 more Senate Republicans on top of Josh Hawley now say they will object to the certification of the results. Without evidence however the certification likely is purely symbolic and may have unintended consequences for those that went against the will of the people. "I've spent my career fighting for the First Amendment...
World News

Kentucky Governor claims teachers are enabling sexual assault

Of course, the claim . had to come from none other than a GOP'er.  Matt Bevin, Kentucky's Governor, apparently decided that it was time to take his battle with teachers a step further. "I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them," said Bevin about the school closures. As you can probably guess, the comments were quickly ridiculed by both sides of the aisle. I guarantee you somewhere today, a child was physically harmed or ingested poison because they were home alone because a single parent didn't have any money to take care of them." He added that "some were introduced to drugs for the first time because they were vulnerable and left alone."
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