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Mum of boy accused of aiding in the murder of Tessa Majors has dark history

A stunning turn of events in the case of Tessa Majors' heinous murder. According to a New York Post article first published in 2006, a woman then charged with assault with a knife; possession of a deadly weapon and a number of other charges is now back in the spotlight. She's in the spotlight now because she's been identified as the mother of one of the suspects in Majors' death. The Post reports that the woman has been identified as Katima Minton. Minton in 2006 assaulted a woman with a knife after an apparent altercation at her Jamaica Queens home. “Katima Minton pulled a knife and lunged at the victim, whose identity was withheld, after they started fighting,” cops alleged, ­according to the story. The story appears to have surfaced because it looks like prosecuto...
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