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How #KassoMadeBrands managed to scam me
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How #KassoMadeBrands managed to scam me

Admitting to the idea you've been scammed; taken advantage of, or whatever you would like to call it is not the easiest task. But as I said a while ago, I would continue to expose KassoMadeBrands and Leon Andrade for the scammy frauds that they are. The Gucci Rython shoes that Kasso Made Brands/ Leon Andrade stole from me under the guise that he would alter the base colour for me/ clean a scratch that had appeared weeks after this photograph was taken. I first met Kasso about a year and a half or so ago at Barclays Center at a store called Delancey Leather. A leather salesman, he was introduced to me by a former friend as he told me he could spiff-and-shine my Gucci Rython shoes ahead of my would-be attendance of Fashion Week at the time. Little did I know, that Andrade wo...
Here are the text messages that prove Leon “Kasso” Andrade is a thief and a liar

Here are the text messages that prove Leon “Kasso” Andrade is a thief and a liar

2020 has already seen my involvement with the District Attorney; a restraining order, a preliminary injunction, and again this situation. As I wait for paperwork to be filed and such and done appropriately — I decided to release these text messages and such after seeing that some seem to believe that Kasso did no wrong. When in fact he did. He has time and time again even claimed that his girlfriend will return the shoes to me ... because he’s allegedly so busy and never in town (lies, also part of the orders against him.) It was never about the money or anything with Kasso. It’s a shame that I thought he was not only my friend but someone I could trust to do a major project for me. I later found out that Kasso is a snake in the grass. He’s even claimed that he...

Scam artist Leon Kasso Andrade is still tricking people out of their products

Leon Andrade, the man at the center of a lawsuit over a service not performed and unreturned item involved in that service appears to still be up to his tricks. According to social media, Andrade (aka Kasso) is still accepting orders for product redesigns (the same kind of order that he scammed me out of.) Andrade is now the subject of a lawsuit in New York City expected to be formalized on Monday which the case will then be handed to the NYPD. Our data personnel team has obtained Andrade ‘s identifiable personal information. It is still advisable that people avoid doing business with Andrade and I intend to inform New York Fashion Week; Fashion a Week vendors, local blogs, and urban clothing stores in the area.
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