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Kim Kardashian-West is culturally appropriating things again

This time it's Japanese culture. In trademark documents seen by several outlets, Kardashian has apparently tried to trademark her new intimates line using the name "Kimono Intimates". Now for the obvious here. Kimono's have historically been a focal part of Japanese culture. In fact, history shows that they first became a cunning and beautiful part of Japanese culture dating back quite literally centuries. However, in typical Kardashian fashion Kardashian is attempting to rewrite what a Kimono means and turn the term into that of an intimate brand. As per expected, fans aren't happy and most have once again called her out for her family's long history of cultural appropriation.
Kim Kardashian-West “I gave up my independence when I married Kanye”

Kim Kardashian-West “I gave up my independence when I married Kanye”

Kim Kardashian-West is perhaps one of the most famous women in the world, and, most would likely connect the word independence to. Her name. However, in a new interview with actor Alec Baldwin — the 38-year-old reality star admitted that “being with a man like Kanye, you, have to sort of let some of it go”. The Daily Mail, who, managed to get a preview of the upcoming interview — had a field day with the comments. Kardashian, 38,  had long and notoriously been independent alike the rest of her family.   The video, uh, sees Kardashian tell Baldwin of how she make her marriage to the often outspoken rapper work. That rapper, uh, being Kanye West.  See the full interview in the Daily Mail.

The Kardashian women are “Blonde Bombshells”

In a new photoshoot for KKW Beauty,  Grandma Mary Jo; Mama Jenner, and Kimmy Kakes take on the camera  for a promotional spot. In it, the Daily Mail has more.    Meanwhile,    Kris Jenner herself is now apparently indefinitely a blond.  We've got the video below.  
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Khloe Kardashian reportedly pregnant: Rumor

Either we've all entered the apocalypse, or, suddenly three of the Kardashian women are pregnant at the same time (one with a surrogate).  First,  Kim herself already has a surrogate pregnant with her third child.   Last week, reports claimed that  Kylie herself is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend (whom apparently, uh, is excited about being a new dad but that's just allegedly..). Now apparently Khloe herself is pregnant (although, the jury is still out here after her latest Instagram picture).  Kardashian surfaced on Instagram/Snapchat this week looking mighty-not-so-pregnant although somehow reports emerged that she is allegedly at least 3 months pregnant. Meanwhile, sister Kimmy Kakes came out in opposition of the reports citing that they "sounded pretty false...
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