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Kanye West has been dropped from Tidal
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Kanye West has been dropped from Tidal

Amid renewed speculation that Jay-Z and Kanye West are secretly beefing pretty bad,  The Daily News, has learned that  Kanye West has been dropped from Tidal.   According to insiders,   West, 40,  decided to end his relationship with Tidal amid a financial dispute gone awry. Insiders say that West apparently claims that he is owed upwards of $3m in royalties and "bonus checks" from Tidal following last year's release of The Life With Pablo.   Additional insiders say that Jay-Z refused the claim citing that West just wasn't living up to the hype that they expected. Sources at Tidal themselves say that "West was actually let go amid the dispute after that song released. It wasn't necessarily because of a dispute over finances (although that's a big reason!), it was mainly because they'...
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