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Julian Assange will not be extradited to the United States, his future and freedom now hang in the balance

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may end up becoming a free man more than 10 years after he helped expose substantial American abuse on a near global scale. A British judge ruled ultimately that Assange would face cruel and unusual treatment in the American justice system and thus dutifully denied the extradition request. It marks an almost end to a decade long battle on behalf of America to crucify the man who exposed their grave abuse against modern societies around the world. Now a fairly unDemocratic country has offered Assange political asylum. According to Buzzfeed News, Mexico has made a surprising offer to spring Assange from prosecution and allow him into the country for good. The problem with Mexico is that Mexico isn't exactly a country where free speech is welcome....
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Julian Assange ‘s lawyers just made an extraordinary claim about Donald Trump

Julian Assange’s lawyers are making headlines around the world —- and this time for an extraordinary claim made against Donald Trump and the widely known fact he conspired with the Russians in 2016. According to the claimant document, lawyers for Assange made the extraordinary claim that Trump offered a full pardon if he was willing to go on the record that the Russians didn’t play a part in the DNC-email-back that brought down Hillary Clinton in the election that same year. Assange is currently wanted in the US on 18 state related charges related to the exposing of stunning American secrets that exposed decades worth of illegal crimes and espionage. Assange is set to undergo a four week extradition hearing on 24 February. That hearing will determine whether or not Assange...
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Julian Assange loses court battle to have warrant dismissed

LONDON --  A Magistrate judge has ruled that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange  not be granted the right to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy once more.  The judge, whom we will not name,  ruled that she was not "convinced that he should have the warrant dismissed" in a case stemming from the fact he jumped bail in 2012. Now, in terms of the Swedish case, those charges were actually dropped against Assange last year.
Julian Assange breaks his silence on those pesky rape allegations
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Julian Assange breaks his silence on those pesky rape allegations

Julian Assange may be most recently best regarded as one of the many people who helped Trump become US president, but, there's something else he's best known for at least in Europe. In recent years, Assange was accused of numerous sexual assaults that later landed him with revoked credit cards; a warrant for his arrest, and several c ourt hearings alleging he's in-secret a dirty rapist. The accuser who has never been fully identified claimed in court documents and maintains in court documents that Assange forced her into sexual intercourse and then made her undergo STD tests the next day. But in a 19 page document and a statement to The Guardian, Assange, maintains that the two had consensual sex and then willfully got tested together the next day. "I want people to know the truth a...
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