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There’s a royal problem brewing in Jordan, now scores have been arrested in a bizarre plot to overthrow the King

A big problem has arisen in Jordan and if it isn't stopped it could potentially amount to a constitutional crisis. In Amman, King Abdullah II reportedly ordered the arrests of scores of people on Saturday against the backdrop of an alleged coup plot. His Majesty, per per reports, also ordered that a former crown prince remain his home amid investigations into who was responsible. The Washington Post reports that nearly 20 people were arrested and the Prince was ordered to remain in his home by the military. The government however claims that the Prince was not arrested though he did get a visit by the military. That former Prince has been identified as Prince Hamzah. In a video obtained by the BBC, Hamzah had this to say about the apparent breakdown in governance in the a...
There’s a new Islamic movement growing in  the Middle East
World News

There’s a new Islamic movement growing in the Middle East

But it's not exactly what you think it is when you think Middle East. In one singular apartment in Jordan, there sits, a group of men particularly two trying to convince another -- to not turn violent and joint jihadists. The movement has largely become known as  Dawah, an off print of the Islamic religion. The man the men hoped to free from Jihadists influence, perhaps, goes by the name Mohammed -- who agreed to hold off for 40 days giving the men a chance to convince him otherwise. Dawah, is growing in popularity, and  prides itself on "loving others including Muslims and Not Muslims". The Christian Science Monitor notes that America has a large population of those who follow Dawah.
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