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John Chau Was A Crazy Bible-Thumping Missionary, Call It Like It Is

If you haven't been living under a rock, uh, you've probably heard of John Allen Chau -- the American Missionary who was killed by  a remote tribe deep within India's mysterious archipelago of islands.    Earlier this month, uh, it was revealed that Chau had illegally trespassed onto the Sentinelese island. For those that aren't aware,  that particular tribe, has functioned so well as the tribe in which it is -- it has never made contact with the outside world.   In fact, for thousands of years, it has been illegal by all accounts for any foreign person or power to even attempt to enter the area. Additionally, two reported journal entries from Chau's journal on the island have surfaced.  Somehow ABC NEWS managed to obtain photos of the journal, which, indicated that Chau definite...
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