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2020 U.S Elections, CERTIFIED

Trump advisor touts possible jail time for John Bolton

Former Nat'l Security Adviser John Bolton allegedly could be facing jail time over his attempt to tell Americans the truth. According to reports, crackpot Trump adviser Peter Navarro is now openly claiming that Bolton could be sentenced to jail time over his allegations that Trump solicited foreign help in the election (among other things.) In an appearance on CNN, Navarro claimed that Bolton 's fairly disturbing allegations attempted to paint Trump as callous and ignorant ("when that just isn't true.") Via CNN "First of all, John Bolton has put highly classified information sprinkled throughout a very large book. And he -- I predict this. He will not only not get the profits from that book, but he risks a jail sentence," Navarro told Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union." ...
New Trump impeachment  transcripts are here
2020 U.S Elections

New Trump impeachment transcripts are here

And they're pretty telling about life inside of the Trump Administration. Testimonies and new documents are coming out day-after-day in regards to the impeachment of Donald Trump and whether or not Washington will proceed.  In the latest round of releases,  former officials of all sorts have testified some pretty noteworthy information. This week, however, that may go even further as John Bolton has reportedly been subpoenaed and may appear before the Hill. View the latest documents here. 
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