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The wild wild *wild* story of Hayley Paige and how vicious abuse by JLM Brands landed her in a stunning court battle

Let this be a learning lesson to anyone who dare sign a contract of any kind let alone having a lawyer present while doing so. For those who are unaware of who she is, Hayley Paige is a popular wedding dress designer with a massively popular brand and a busy IG page with more than 1M followers. You’d think with a brand like Hayley ‘s her entire life would be green and glitter, however, because of a brand called JLM it is in fact one’s worst nightmare. See —- it began a few years back when Hayley was reportedly just 25 years old and naive to contract law and such as she confirmed herself in an IG video. Like most people — Hayley was eager to get her brand started and allegedly didn’t understand that she was being preyed on by JLM Brands. JLM brands, however, denies such and claims...
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