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An open letter to Jim Ryan of Talk 2 Rep
Crappy Corporate Leaders

An open letter to Jim Ryan of Talk 2 Rep

An open letter to Talk2Rep ‘s CEO Jim Ryan Dear Mr Ryan, For the duration of all of a week and 6 days, I sat in one of your cubicles working hard; trying my best, and delivering the best I possibly could given the fact that I couldn’t force people to make appointments.  But that wasn’t enough, or, was it? See, I’m writing you this open letter to discuss what exactly happens in your facilities.  When I got hired at your facility, I, did not disclose that I am actuallyMohammed Haleem Wali [A famous British journalist]. I wanted to perhaps work at a new job, have some fun, and experience what another job had to offer. I thought yours was a good fit, that, was until I actually met management in your facilities and discovered neither of the three actually have any sort of mana...
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