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Gun Violence in America: A Stance

I am not trying to be funny at all. I am more of a knife person.  Guns can be used to protect, but they also can be used to ensure a kill. The difference between a gun and a knife is- I could obliterate a mall, school, densely populated area, a house of worship in a matter of seconds, reload and do it all over again. You can’t do that with a knife. I do have to say, had I lived in a world where guns were used to ensure that game killed was so my family could eat or to prevent a threat from happening- I might have a different perspective. My lived experience with guns has been in one of fear. When I was 2 years old I remember having a gun placed to my head in a car. Jewelry rob, money stolen, and my life was the bargaining chip- let me tell you even at 2 years old y...
Your take?

Japanese Emperor Akihoto will abdicate the throne in 2019

Marking the beginning of a new era for  Japanese people.  According to the imperial government of Japan,    Akihoto has finally made it clear that following his 30th anniversary on the throne, he, will step down for good.   The government says that the request for abdication and for it to be put into legislation was actually made way back in August 2016. The request for the Japanese Emperor to step down was made a few years ago, mostly, due to his age and health.    Japanese news reports indicate that he was "concerned" that any more time on the throne would be detrimental to his health, and,  ultimately his final days. The abdication of Emperor Akihoto will be the first in more than 200 years.  He first assumed the throne in 1989 at the age of 56 following the death of his own fathe...
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