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Roseanne announces she’s moving to Israel to “study with her favorite teachers”
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Roseanne announces she’s moving to Israel to “study with her favorite teachers”

With The Connors' set to premiere in a matter of weeks, uh, Roseanne has plans of her own. According to the  betrothed comedian, she, is set to move to Israel "for a few months" to take up studying with her favorite teachers. I have an opportunity to go to Israel for a few months and study with my favorite teachers over there, and that's where I'm going to go and probably move somewhere there and study with my favorite teachers,' Roseanne, 65, told Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in his latest podcast. The Connors'  (the spin off of the canned Roseanne reboot) will premiere this fall. 
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The Israeli Navy has killed a Palestinian citizen

ISRAEL --    Bad news off the Gaza Coast this weekend, ehum, as Israeli forces have confirmed to The Daily News that they've killed  a Palestinian fisherman.   The military says that they   discovered a Palestine boat  going a little  farther than they were allowed into Israeli waters, as a result, one man aboard the boat has died. Navy officials say that  they can't release much more than that at this time, but, we were able to confirm that at least one other occupant of the boat was arrested for questioning.   The Navy reportedly fired several warning shots, and, attempted to heed the boat before it formally opened fire.
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Israel braces for war as Trump violates foreign policy naming new capital

ISRAEL --  In a move that has already sparked protests, Israeli forces, are preparing for the worst: yet another Arab-Israeli war that could be the deadliest in history.   This week,  Donald Trump, declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, breaking with decades of foreign policy. The move is expected to be delayed briefly, however, this means that the Embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Arab leaders across the spectrum have largely downplayed the move, mostly,  comparing it to acts of treason. In 1995,  then U.S president Bill Clinton enacted a law that would require such to happen and the Embassy be moved to Jerusalem. But,  due to national security concerns (among other things)  the move was delayed due to a presidential  waiver ever since.  Palestine's envoy reporte...
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