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Report: Air traffic control threat claim’s there’s a terror threat headed for Washington

Air traffic controllers on Monday in New York City found themselves on the receiving end of a domestic terror threat heard over air-traffic control machines. According to reports, a terror threat has been made against the Capital (that's in Washington for readers who aren't hip to America.) The threat claims that a large plane will be flown directly into the Capital tomorrow. As expected it has resulted in the Capital being placed on high alert. CBS reports that it is unclear whether or not the threat is credible, thus, it appears to have come from Iranian nationals seeking revenge for the murder of their top general last year. A digitized voice can be heard in the recording noting revenge will be sought for his death.
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Iran’s nuclear ambitions just took a soaring new height and that might be bad news for the rest of us

Bad news because Iran reportedly is now working on enriching their nuclear levels to 20% purity. According to international experts; researchers, and officials a nuclear bomb of most types requires roughly 90% purity to be in any way shape or form possible. Several countries including the U.S; U.K, France, Germany, China and others are all desperately trying to prevent Iran from obtaining that level of purity. If something isn't done to quell Iran, it could spell danger in the very near future. But whether or not that is possible remains to be seen this weekend. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency Iran has confirmed that the country will begin upping its nuclear purity levels within a month's time. The only way for Iran to apparently halt such is if Joe Bide...
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Bloodshed in Iran: Terrifying videos surface as government forces unleash carnage on streets of Tehran

TEHRAN, IRAN -- Hours after American forces warned Iran not to attack the protesters demanding answers as to why Iran shot down a Ukranian passenger plane, exactly that has happened. Videos across numerous social media channels and outlets are surfacing and they're pretty freaking graphic. The videos indicate that "militiamen" at the orders of the government appear to be defending Ayotallah 's regime defying orders to stand down.  Protesters have been seen all over Tehran tearing down government posters; marching, and various other activities in hopes of attracting enough attention to make Iran 's wrath of carnage come to an end. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT:    

Iran just admitted to shooting down that Ukranian plane: Report

Big news in Iran this weekend as state TV has copped to the fact that Iran 's military "unintentionally" shot down the Ukranian plane carrying more than 176 people. According to a broadcast seen locale time on Saturday,  the military admitted to shooting down the plane not doubling-down on verifying where it was coming from. The plane went down just outside of Tehran on Tuesday hours after Iran launched a barrage of missile strikes originally aimed at a U.S military base in Iraq. Under appropriate laws, images used in this photograph are deemed newsworthy and. therefore used for informational purposes only.
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Breaking News: Iran has attacked, an American led military base is under siege

AL-ASAD MILITARY BASE, IRAQ— This is a developing story as much of the western world learns that Iran has declared war and the Al-Asad military base that houses US army troops is under siege. According to the a New York Times, the attack began moments ago locale time. It remains unclear whether or not the missiles hurt any American soldiers. The attack is almost certain to bring Iran’s tensions with the west to further heights.
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Iran announces it will fully stop cooperating with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal

However, the country will still allow for international regulators from the U.N to review and assess the nuclear equipment in which they possess.    The terms of the 2015 nuclear deal have always been controversial, but, others were pretty obvious as to why they should remain intact. The nuclear deal provided incentives (among other things) for Iran to limit the enrichment of uranium and such that would've allowed them to build weapons of mass destruction. The obvious problems here are exponential.   The deal blocked Iran from having over a certain number of centrifuges that would enable the type of weapons they now have made it clear they will attempt to build. “The Islamic Republic of Iran will end its final limitations in the nuclear deal, meaning the limitation in the number of cent...
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The U.S and Iran are quite literally on the brink of war

Over the killing of a super-powerful Iranian general; threats to hit heritage sites in Iran, and a U.S President determined to send the Middle East into a modern version of the Gulf War.     According to US media reports,  The White House has threatened to hit (and some illegally) 52 heritage sites if Iran decides to strike back of the killing of Qassem Soleimani. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1213593975732527112?s=11 Iran has threatened to retaliate in a "military manner" although exactly what manner that is remains unclear as of this writing.  It is illegal under international law to target World Heritage Sites -- something that the WH seems to have conveniently forgotten.
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Exclusive: Ayotallah ‘s regime shut down half of Iran forcing citizens to attend generals’ funeral

This piece comes amid reports that this newspaper has been heavily censored by the Iranian government (as a surprise to many of us.). We are publishing this report despite the obvious attempts to silence our coverage of Iran and its crisis with the West.   On Monday,  the world watched as Iran and its autocratic regime descended upon  Tehran to attend  (forced/not forced)  the funeral for now deceased  General Qasem Soleimani.  As most of you know already,  Qasem was murdered by the Americans. in an unauthorized airstrike that hit a busy airport in Iran. At least two locals who are going to remain anonymous for obvious reasons tell The Daily News that the first day of mourning led to force attendees of the funeral in question. "While there were quite a few people that did turn ou...
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Americans in Iran: Get Out While You Still Can

Amid growing fears that Iran is on the brink of international war thanks to America, American officials have issued a red security alert ordering Americans out of Iran immediately. 'Due to heightened tensions in Iraq and the region, we urge U.S. citizens to depart Iraq immediately. Due to Iranian-backed militia attacks at the U.S. Embassy compound, all consular operations are suspended. U.S. citizens should not approach the Embassy,' the message reads. Iran is believed to be planning a retaliatory strike against America, however, in what capacity remains unknown.
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Congress scrambling to figure out how Iranian strike happened and why

Because uh Donald Trump by technicality needed authorization to hit Iran in the first place from Congress. Now Congress is paying attention and wants answers. According to a statement released last night, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge demanding answers. Al Jazeera "Tonight's airstrike risks provoking further dangerous escalation of violence. America — and the world — cannot afford to have tensions escalate to the point of no return," Pelosi said in a statementlate Thursday "The full Congress must be immediately briefed on this serious situation and on the next steps under consideration by the Administration, including the significant escalation of the deployment of additional troops to the region," Pelosi said.
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