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Exclusive: Ayotallah ‘s regime shut down half of Iran forcing citizens to attend generals’ funeral

This piece comes amid reports that this newspaper has been heavily censored by the Iranian government (as a surprise to many of us.). We are publishing this report despite the obvious attempts to silence our coverage of Iran and its crisis with the West.   On Monday,  the world watched as Iran and its autocratic regime descended upon  Tehran to attend  (forced/not forced)  the funeral for now deceased  General Qasem Soleimani.  As most of you know already,  Qasem was murdered by the Americans. in an unauthorized airstrike that hit a busy airport in Iran. At least two locals who are going to remain anonymous for obvious reasons tell The Daily News that the first day of mourning led to force attendees of the funeral in question. "While there were quite a few people that did turn ou...
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